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The CyberZillaz Genesis comprises 555 blockchain-dwelling Titans, which were the first CyberZillaz to be minted. These Titans are presented as 80 x 80 Finesse pixel art PFP NFTs, and owning one grants the holder exclusive community voting rights, access to future NFT brand genesis drops, and whitelist mint passes for partner collaboration drops. Additionally, Genesis version holders gain access to exclusive rooms in the CyberZillaz Discord server. The collection includes 10 unique animated Legendary Genesis NFTs and serves as the foundation for all future projects. Thus, owning one of these NFTs is highly desirable.

The BabyZillaz collection, consisting of 5555 small Titans, requires “Awakening” by “Hibernating” the Genesis CyberZillaz for $Roar token. Holders of BabyZillaz will also receive special perks, and both collections can be traded on the Opensea NFT marketplace.



At CyberZillaz, we understood from the start that in order to produce and represent top-quality Kaiju NFT products, we needed a strong foundation. That’s why we prioritized securing trademarks in both the United States and Japan right from the beginning. Our focus has always been on building a brand that will stand the test of time. We recognized that many NFT projects fail to complete the trademark process, but we knew it was essential to lay a solid foundation for our project’s success. To achieve this, we partnered with one of the best pixel artists in the industry and hired highly experienced blockchain developers with a common goal of creating one of the first NFT brands in the market.


At CyberZillaz, our community is the cornerstone of our brand. We believe that their input and feedback are essential in shaping the future direction of our project. We highly value their opinions in deciding our tokenomics, expanding our ecosystem, and accumulating the best technical and creative talent to bring our project to fruition. Our community discord will be instrumental in helping us make crucial decisions on the future of CyberZillaz. We strongly believe that by fostering a close relationship with our NFT holders, we can create a project that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of those who support us. We look forward to building a strong and lasting relationship with Kaiju fans from around the world, and we are committed to taking their feedback into account as we continue to evolve and grow.


These ten 1 of 1 animated pixel art NFTs will have all the benefits as the regular Genesis 1 CyberZillaz in addition to receiving TWO free Genesis NFT drops (minting fees not included) from all future Zilla Labs brands and affiliate grant winner brands.



They’re stomping onto the blockchain, and making some noise. The CyberZillaz are a community-centric collection of Pixel art NFTs - our roadmap will show you how you can get involved.




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Chunk is a world that’s been divided into 128×128 block Chunks, and uses Stardust Labs’ Terralith for custom world generation. By claiming a Chunk, you own a corresponding piece of this world that only you and your friends will be able to develop.

CyberZillaz has partnered with Chunk to create our CyberZillaz Kaiju Kingdom which is playable on Chunks Minecraft server where you can survive, build, and thrive as a community. Play videos below to get a sneak peek into our Kaiju Kingdom on Chunk.


NFT stands for “non-fungible token” it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs’ main functions are to be digital art and to look cool; some offer additional utility, like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event. Think of NFTs as rare pieces of art that can also act as a “member’s card”.

All CyberZillaz NFTs can be traded and purchased on the Opensea Market place.

CyberZillaz is a multi chain NFT project which has been created on the Ethereum blockchain with the capability to be locked and dropped on the Polygon / Matic blockchain for gaming purposes.

While CyberZillaz was inspired by the Kong vs Godzilla genre and the CyberKongz NFT project, the goal is and always has been to establish an official NFT brand first and then acquire licensing agreements from Toho Ltd. before considering any potential collaborations.

There is currently no official Godzilla NFT project, and while others have made millions of dollars by leveraging Godzilla’s likeness, CyberZillaz has made a conscious effort to maintain its integrity by not infringing on any intellectual property rights associated with Godzilla’s unique features. The team has spent years building a solid foundation first before its primary purpose which is to acquire a licensing agreement from Toho Ltd. to sell official Godzilla products and NFTs in the future.

Team Members

Bill has owned and operated several small businesses and is a successful Real estate Broker in the state of North Carolina. He has been a crypto investor and enthusiast since 2015 and recently formed Zilla Labs, LLC. Bill will use his wide variety of talent and experience in marketing to help grow the CyberZillaz brand and DAO.

Bill Hillman

Founder / Creator / Team Lead

With over 25 years delivering successful leadership for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, Rick brings excellent decision making and extensive experience in community growth & management field.

Rick Gould

Co Founder / Zilla Labs, LLC

Adam is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. He is owner and operator of a business rounding nursing homes and has experience in Crypto and NFT markets. He has utilized his experience and skillsets to serve as an advisor to several NFT projects. Adam will play a vital role in the continued development of the CyberZillaz brand.

Adam Pinkerton

Co-Founder / Lead Council

Meaghan Doherty is an artist and developer with a BFA in Game Design and is recognized as one of the top pixel artists in the NFT space right now with already several highly successful projects under her belt. She is currently a pixel artist for games and NFTs alike and uses her skills to combine the digital and art spaces for an accessible, fun experience.

Meaghan Doherty

Artist / Designer

Sue assists with planning, organizing, and development of Zilla Labs, LLC as well as clerical and administrative duties. She organizes files, prepares documents, schedule appointments and supports staff.

Sue Ferrara

Administrative Assistant

I am an IT Engineer and self-motivated Full Stack Web Developer with having true passion and strong interest in Website Development.

Sudarshan Giri

Full Stack Developer

Andrés A.K.A Quake is a google certified digital marketer. He has worked with several NFT projects and has been a Community Manager and Discord Moderator for 4+ years.


Community Discord Team Leader


Lead Blockchain Smart Contract Dev

Lego is head engineer of the project and in charge of the blockchain contracts. He has countless projects under his belt and over 20 years of coding experience.


Head of Development

Beni is taking care of the frontend code. While Chen is focused on the website, Beni develops minting and staking features.


Frontend Developer