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CyberZillaz Genesis is a collection of 2222 Blockchain dwelling Titans. These 80 x 80 Finesse pixel art PFP NFTs will be the first CyberZillaz to be minted, with each granting its holder access to exclusive community voting rights, future NFT brands genesis drops, and whitelist mint passes for partner collaboration drops. Holders of the Genesis version will be granted access to exclusive rooms in the CyberZillaz™ Discord server. Within this collection there will also be 10 distinctive animated Legendary Genesis NFTs. The Genesis collection is the foundation for all projects that follow. In other words, you want to be holding one of these!



The CyberZillaz community will help decide the direction of CyberZillaz brand, tokenomics , the expansion of its ecosystem, and how to accumulate the best of technical and creative talent to develop to bring this amazing project to fruition.

A certain percentage of CyberZillaz Gen 1 sales and royalties will go into the community vault right from the beginning, some which will be used to issue grants and scholarships to talented applicants within the community. The community  will also decide how Talent Grants will be utilized, who will be qualified to receive them, and how they will be scheduled. Aspiring creators can apply for grants that will give them the resources needed to execute their visions. A certain amount of funds will also be given to charity of the founder and Artist’s choice.

Zilla Labs has assisted in this journey already by creating several kaiju related NFT brands with trademark applications waiting to be filed in the United States and Japan and are ready to be handed over to the winners of these grants.  Grant winners will also receive assistance from our team of developers and artists within their scope. Grant winners will not be limited to just Zilla Labs brands but will be able to create their very own if they so choose.

The CyberZillaz DAO once formed will vote on the direction of the project, its leaders from within the community and utility of the CyberZillaz Genesis 1 NFT. The above may change depending on what direction the community wants to go.


These ten 1 of 1 animated pixel art NFTs will have all the benefits as the regular Genesis 1 CyberZillaz in addition to receiving TWO free Genesis NFT drops (minting fees not included) from all future Zilla Labs brands and affiliate grant winner brands.



They’re stomping onto the blockchain, and making some noise. The CyberZillaz are a community-centric collection of Pixel art NFTs - our roadmap will show you how you can get involved.

Phase 1

It was only a matter of time before a kaiju based NFT made its way onto the blockchain, but I bet you never imagined them looking this good, right?

The CyberZillaz concept was a recognition of the success of other Pixel art projects, like the CyberKongz. CyberZillaz is trademarked in the United States and Japan under the relevant classification, with plans on broadening that as and when our market requires.

Our CyberZillaz Gen 1 edition boast a Finesse Pixel art style and have been designed by one of the top pixel artists in the NFT space. We’ve been able to animate our Legendary CyberZillaz, and we’re so excited to release the collection.

Phase 2

A successful project is made by a strong team and how they include their community - that’s why we are working with “THE ELITE NFT ACADEMY” and offering a great level of community involvement.

With CyberZillaz, our community is a large part of who we are, and we’ll always be looking for ways to implement our holders' thoughts and opinions. We’ll be building our community on Twitter and Discord with sights on bringing people over to our website to mint. Once we’ve minted, we’ll start to offer our interesting utility voted on by the community.

Phase 3

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… 2,222 Genesis CyberZillaz Gen 1’s will be minted onto the blockchain. Will you get your hands on one?

With our launch comes the introduction of our community-involvement, as holders will be given the opportunity to vote on crucial elements of the collection. You’ll decision-making abilities on deciding whether we introduce a DAO, staking opportunities, fractionalization and much more.

Phase 4

We’re not just settling at an NFT project, we’ve got so much more to offer, especially for our community members.

We’ll be introducing our VOXEL collection, allowing holders to take the CyberZillaz brand into the Metaverse, where they can proudly display their new avatar. We’ll get to gamifying our Metaverse presence and offering even more utility to our holders.

At this stage, we’ll be looking to collaborate with other projects that share our values, to make even more of a mark on the blockchain, together.


We couldn’t consciously make a project like this without having plans to give something back to the wider world, that’s why we’ve added this step.

Using profits from the initial mint, we’ll be introducing Scholarship and Grant programs to help people through education. It’s as simple as that

Team Members

Bill has owned and operated several small businesses and is a successful Real estate Broker in the state of North Carolina. He has been a crypto investor and enthusiast since 2015 and recently formed Zilla Labs, LLC. Bill will use his wide variety of talent and experience in marketing to help grow the CyberZillaz brand and DAO.

Bill Hillman

Founder / Creator / Team Lead

With over 25 years delivering successful leadership for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, Rick brings excellent decision making and extensive experience in community growth & management field.

Rick Gould

Co Founder / Zilla Labs, LLC

Meaghan Doherty is an artist and developer with a BFA in Game Design and is recognized as one of the top pixel artists in the NFT space right now with already several highly successful projects under her belt. She is currently a pixel artist for games and NFTs alike and uses her skills to combine the digital and art spaces for an accessible, fun experience.

Meaghan Doherty

Artist / Designer

Sue assists with planning, organizing, and development of Zilla Labs, LLC as well as clerical and administrative duties. She organizes files, prepares documents, schedule appointments and supports staff.

Sue Ferrara

Administrative Assistant


Lead Dev

Andrés A.K.A Andrew is a google certified digital marketer. He has worked with several NFT projects and has been a Community Manager and Discord Moderator for 4+ years.

Andres Pereira

Community Discord Team Leader


 The price will be announced closer to the sale date. Stay tuned for updates. A very limited supply of 2222.

Because of the very limited supply it is undetermined at this time whether there will be a public mint. There may just be a lottery for whitelist spots 1 per person.

Yes, there is currently a CyberZillaz Council made up of CyberKongz NFT and Comic Labs NFT holders and we will continue to diversify as we grow.

Yes, CyberZillaz Genesis will be minted on Ethereum however some of the secondary projects like CyberZillazVx and Kaiju Kingdoms may be launched on Polygon and Avalanche.

Yes, Zilla Labs will be holding back 100 Genesis CyberZillaz for giveaways, friends, family, and investment purposes.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs’ main functions are to be digital art and to look cool; some offer additional utility, like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event. Think of NFTs as rare pieces of art that can also act as a “member’s card”.

Yes, holding two CyberZillaz Genesis will breed a BabyZillaz. Stay tuned for more details.