Tokenomics / Utility

CyberZillaz Genesis NFT Utililty.

1. Voting Rights – Each CyberZillaz Genesis NFT will count as (1) one vote.

2. Staking – You will be able to Stake your CyberZillaz Genesis NFT and acquire $Roar Token.

3. $Roar token – $Roar tokens are the tokens that fuel the CyberZillaz Genesis and future NFT brand ecosystems and will be acquired by but not limited to, staking your CyberZillaz Genesis NFT. It is not an investment and has no monetary value at this time.

4. Alpha Group – CyberZillaz Genesis holders will be entitled to join a private club channel within the Discord. This will be a collaborative innovation space dedicated to idea exchange and discussion of current events in the CryptoCurrency market.

5. Merchandise – Some merch will be free to all who stake their NFTs. Also $Roar Tokens can be exchanged for merch. Merchandise will include items such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sneakers, Dog tags and coins to begin with.

6. BabyZillaz, CyberZillazVx, MutantZillaz, Zillaz Frenz, RumbleZillaz and CyberJiraz – are under consideration as the next NFT brands for launch by Zilla Labs, LLC. Due to the very fast pace of the NFT market and the popularity of the 3D voxel gamification NFT space, our voxel edition will debated and endorsed by the council. The final decision will be reached by community vote. These brands have TradeMark applications drafted for the United States and Japan. Twitter accounts and Domain names have also been secured. CyberZillaz Genesis holders will automatically be whitelisted for these NFTs that have launches. BabyZillaz and Voxels will be the result of breeding or fusing two CyberZillaz Genesis together. More details will be forthcoming.

7. Scholarship & Grants – We will start accepting applications from talented applicants within the community for this program. The community will also decide how Talent Grants will be utilized, who will be qualified to receive them, and how they will be scheduled. Aspiring creators can apply for grants that will give them the resources needed to execute their visions.

This is just the beginning. NFTs will become part of all successful products and brands’ futures. Zilla Labs is positioning itself and its NFT brands to capitalize on this and the CyberZillaz Genesis NFT is the foundation. More and more utility and benefits will be added to this particular NFT as the market evolves creating more and more value for its holders.

Thank you all for being a part of the change we are trying to create