Our goal at CyberZillaz is to build an amazing community that is here for the long run! With this goal in mind, it will help determine how whitelist spots are given away.

We’ll be giving Whitelist (WL) out at random for those who we see are consistently active and helping their fellow Zillaz out. Just saying GM/GN each day will not be enough. This doesn’t mean you have to grind. Remember, it’s not the quantity of what you say, but the quality of how you say it.

We will be hosting Whitelist giveaways on Twitter as well so please make sure you are following our Twitter and turn on notifications so you do not miss out on a giveaway.

Amount of Whitelist Available

There are only 2222 CyberZillaz Genesis that will ever be available. There are 1600 for WL presale and 622 for public sale.


The whitelist sale price is currently .09 ETH (Subject to eth price market conditions)

The Whitelist sale will start approximately July 2022. The Be sure to watch our social media outlets for any updates so you don’t miss it!

The whitelist sale will be open for 12 hours, 3 mint per wallet!

Yes, you can mint a maximum of 3 CyberZillaz Genesis NFT per whitelisted wallet during this period!

No, you will be able to participate when the Public sale opens which will be at the close of the whitelist sale. Stay tuned for announcements.

Immediately after whitelist sale ends the public sale will open.

Yes! There is a maximum mint limit of 3 CyberZillaz NFTs per wallet during whitelist phase and then another 3 for public sale phase giving a total of 6 per wallet.

We will mint an “unrevealed” CyberZilla NFT. On the reveal day, we will be setting the real metadata live and users will be able to “refresh metadata” on to see their revealed CyberZillaz NFT!